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Build with privacy.

Ghostdrive is committed to protecting user privacy and data sovereignty. By offering client-side encryption and decentralized storage, Ghostdrive puts users in control of their data, ensuring that sensitive information remains private and secure.


Upload any file or document with client-side encryption for secure storage. This way, the server and any intermediaries don't have access to the encryption keys or the decrypted data.


Ghostdrive utilizes computed storage, a cutting-edge approach that optimizes data management by compressing and restructuring data. This allows users to store up to five times more content without requiring additional storage space.

Ghostdrive providers offer Data Assets through a tokenized model, where data tokens represent ownership, access, or usage rights. These tokens can be traded, exchanged, or used as a form of value within a data ecosystem.



premium features accessible for all users

1 GB

Web3 Storage

100Mb per file upload
Content Addressed Data (CID)
1 TB

Web3 Storage

5 Members
Unlimited Computed
Unlimited Encryption

Maximize Space

Enhance your data storage efficiency with computed storage. Our smart algorithms compress and restructure data, enabling storage of up to five times more content without extra space. Plus, we remove data noise for optimal performance.

Uploaded 5MB
Computed  (210KB)

Securely Share

Explore the seamless encrypted sharing experience of Web3, enabling secure file sharing directly between wallets without the need for links or attachments.

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Your Data, Your Rules

Own Your Data
Client-side encryption
Filecoin Storage
Leverage the Filecoin network as a robust storage layer, harnessing its decentralized architecture for secure and reliable file management across the web.
Face ID, Touch ID
Web3 Ready
crypto wallet access
ghostdrive tokenizationghostdrive tokenization
File Tokenizer
Transform your files into manageable tokens, streamlining storage and access on the blockchain with our file tokenizer.
File Computing
Optimizing storage and speeding up access through advanced processing techniques.
GD appGhostdrive for telegram

Ghostdrive + Telegram

Easily organize and access your files directly on Telegram using the Ghostdrive bot, your go-to tool for efficient file management.
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Why Ghost Drive?

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